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Design by: Moa Dahl Blomberg & Klara Fahrman

LAGARN is a meeting place and a functional piece of furniture that relates to a place as well as to people's need for more vegetation in our urban environment. It was therefore important for us to place the cultivation in the center of our furniture and build modular benches around it. The cultivation that is the furniture's the center can be used by the public to grow plants for biodiversity, or something edible to harvest for coffee or lunch.



The series consits of square furniture of various sizes that can both stand on their own or together in a greater spatiality. The furniture is tied together by long benches that can be placed at different heights. The assembly is controlled by shallow recesses and fastened with nuts and bolts instead of screw or wooden dowels, which makes the furniture easy to disassemble, easy to repair and easy to assemble back together.



LAGARN. 2022

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